Collie Club of America Western Regional Herding Trial

Two Day AKC Licensed Herding Trials Member of the American Kennel Club
SEPTEMBER 17 & 18, 2016 – Fido’s Farm, Olympia, WA
ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES – Sat: Judge: Linda Bell, Sun: Dave Viklund

During the Event the following Club Member’s Collies achieved these awards:

Herding Instinct Test

• SnoValley Let Freedom Ring – Terry and Mary Cox
• Sinkona Majestic A Nice Day Dawing – Carolin Harris
• SnoValley Harvest Moon – Leigh Viera
• SnoValley Dream A Little Dream – – Terry and Mary Cox
• SnoValley High Flyer – Gary and Heidi Webster
• Majestic Charming Tea – Carolin Harris
• SnoValley Mr. Happy Go Lucky – Terry and Mary Cox
• CH Tercan ‘N Zandria’s Win Win at Jubillie – Theresa Marquardt,
Candace Hunter and Alexzandra Erb
• SnoValley Tall Dark & Handsome – Leigh Viera, Terry and Mary Cox

PreTrial Test

• Belfair Colebae Perpetual Motion – Chelsea Bloomburg, Aleane Evans and Jennifer Laik
• GCH Belfair the Swashbuckler – Chelsea Bloomburg and Aleane Evans

The Collie Breed


Collies are legendary for their herding and protecting abilities. They are strong, loyal, affectionate, responsive and fast. The rough-coated Collie has a beautiful long coat. It can look as if it’s floating across the landscape when it runs. The coats of both varieties—rough and smooth—used to be mostly black, but now can be sable and white, tri-color, blue merle and white. The breed has an elegant wedge-shaped head. Collies can do well in the country or the city, but need companionship.

Collies are impressive dogs; friendly, highly-intelligent, proud, and beautiful. They are great at understanding human’s moods and they are very fond of children, making them ideal family pets. Collies require daily exercise and human interaction to be happy. Gentle training is all that is required for a Collie to learn easily and quickly. They have historically been and continue to be beloved family companions. ©AKC

Collie Standard by Joan Garber

AKC Collie Standard

Collies Colors
Black White & Tan
Blue Merle
Blue Merle & White
Blue Merle White & Tan
Sable & White
Sable Merle
Sable Merle & White
White Merle


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