Collie Rescue

Helping to Rescue Collies:

The Collie Club of Washington partners with a local rescue organization to help purebred collies needing to be rescued or people who need to re-home their collie, for whatever reason. If you learn of collies needing help, either through social media, posters, here-say, etc. please contact the Rescue Club Members below. Please provide us the source, condition, location and any info you have on the collie. This will help to expedite our efforts by streamlining the rescue process to our rescue partner, SPDR (Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue).

Directly contact either of our Collie Club of Washington Rescue Members:

Judy Byrd at

Ann Ferguson at

to notify us of any collie you learn needs help.  We will, in turn, contact SPDR and keep our Club aware of the collie’s progress on this website.

If you would be willing to assist with fostering or transportation, if the need arises, please contact Judy or Ann. Your assistance in rescue of our beloved collies is always greatly appreciated!


Are you searching for a pet Collie to Rescue?

Most Collies that come to us looking for a new home are adults and seniors. Occasionally, there will be younger dogs under 2, but rarely puppies. (See below for our Breeder Referral Coordinator contact information.) Jenny Laik,

Our Club partners with a local rescue organization, SPDR (Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue). If you are looking for a pet quality collie, contact the below Rescue Club Members. Either Judy or Ann will contact you to discuss what you are looking for in a pet as well as let you know what collies are currently available.

Rescue Club Members: Judy Byrd

Ann Ferguson




Hi everyone,

Well we have more great news on Memphis. This week’s blood work up shows that his red blood cell and his white blood cell count are almost back to normal. So we know that the antibiotic is not harming his bone marrow and is killing the infection. Plus he gained another 4 lbs this week and is up to 54.6 lbs. He came in at 43.5 lbs. Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic named him their pet of the month. Thanks to Dr. Searle and the staff. They are all very happy with Memphis’s great progress.
He went out and played in the snow yesterday and is running and playing with the other dogs.

He is still on multiple medications but we gave been able to cut back on some. His hair is growing back and his skin is looking much better.
We are all very happy with his progress.

Steve at SPDR Collie Rescue